Kopano CoreKopano CoreKCCore of the Kopano product suite. It provides the 100% MAPI backend.
Kopano DeskAppKopano DeskAppKDBridge of WebApp to the Desktop platforms
Kopano Go LibsKopano Go LibsKGOLShared Go libraries created by Kopano
Kopano MattermostKopano MattermostKMMattermost and Mattermost related projects
Kopano OL ExtensionKopano OL ExtensionKOEInterface Extension for Microsoft Outlook via ActiveSync
Kopano WebAppKopano WebAppKWKopano WebApp the Web 3.0 communication platform of the future.
Kopano WebApp AddonsKopano WebApp AddonsKWANo description
Kopano Web LibsKopano Web LibsKWBLNo description
Kopano Web MeetingsKopano Web MeetingsKWMNo description
ScriptsScriptsKSCKopano scripts
SPSSPSSPSScripts and Tools for Support and Professional services.